Message from the Chairperson

The Big Reset is a transformational plan for Newfoundland and Labrador that attempts to tie all aspects of the economy and society together to meet some of the biggest challenges and opportunities ever faced by the Province. The technological revolution and the revolution related to climate change requires a shift in how the Province and the world does business. There also needs to be a change in how government manages its financial affairs.

It’s time for us to talk, step up and act for the good of our province. We encourage you to get informed, speak out, and ask hard questions. This debate is about your future. The only way through this is together.

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Technical Briefing

Our health care
expenditures have

since 2005-06

expenditures grew from $4.97 (2004/05) to $8.97 billion (2020-21),

an 80% increase

We are
25% more

than our annual

11% of our
revenue is needed to

just service
our debt

Unemployment is
10% higher
in rural nl

than the St. John’s area

Most of our 500
communities have

less than
1,000 people

The Highlights